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The Guild of Jewellery Designers

You may have been wondering what the little pop up in the left hand corner of my site is? Well, it’s to show my membership of The Guild of Jewellery Designers.

“Buy with confidence from a GoJD Gold Plus or Gold Extra member.

Trusted URL:
This notice certifies that GoJD Gold member number: 5719, Alice Gow, is currently protected under The GoJD Products and Public Liability insurance policy for up to GB£5,000,000 of cover. (Including USA and Canada)”

Now, the Guild of Jewellery Designers is a wonderful resource, offering protection for customers, as well as a unique forum for makers to chat all things jewellery.

What has reminded me to tell you about them, is a lovely blog they wrote “Our Favorite Gold And Silver Jewellery Set”, featuring my gold and diamond pendant and earring set, so I wanted to return the favour!

diamond and rose gold necklace and earring set
diamond necklace and earrings set, diamond and rose gold jewellery, handmade jewellery,handmade in the UK

The independent jewellery world is a small one, and it’s lovely to be part of it.

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